#49 Convulsive Beauty & Liz’s Wabi-Sabi


Content Warning: Mention of Suicide

Wabi-Sabi! The Japanese concept of the beauty of our imperfections. We spend time chatting with new co-host, Liz, about their art, the convulsive nature of beauty, how “Dinosaurs” introduced them to the idea of polyamory, and a lot of poop. 

Also in this episode, Kimmy candidly discusses her battle with cancer, we all share thoughts on mental health, the failings of our medical system, capitalism, and… damn it… poop again.

Balls are also on the table. We’re absolutely very mature podcasters and we love you very much.

Bonus Content: Dog sounds, traffic sounds, and the sweet, sweet sound of us clumsily navigating a new recording space… the porch. Welcome to 2022!

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