To request an interview with any member of the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast staff, please e-mail

Keep the following in mind:

  • We do not reveal our surnames or photos of our faces to protect our families and work lives, as not all staff members are out as polyamorous or kinky
  • We only discuss topics with which we have an individual comfort level, some members of the staff are more comfortable discussing some topics than others. There is no blanket consent
  • We are happy to come on to your podcast or answer questions for your blog under the following conditions: please have a release prepared that outlines how you will use our content /quotes/answers; please schedule pre-interview time to “warm up” with us; please take time to have working knowledge of basic terms, or advise us ahead of time that our interview will include a primer discussion

We prefer to work with bloggers and podcasters who are interested in open-minded conversation about non-monogamy, polyamory, and BDSM/kink. We do not enjoy debate. We feel no need to defend choices we consent to in our own lives. We are lefty-liberals and we enjoy sharing and gaining knowledge. We are absolutely happy to talk with people involved in all relationship styles, vanilla and non. We prefer not to involve ourselves in conservative media.

Thank you!

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