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We started calling ourselves “The Pod” or the “Poly Pod” sometime in 2018 and it stuck. We function as a chosen family, and three of us live together. We started a the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast podcast about polyamory and kink life, love, learning, and libido in 2019.

Check out our bios below to learn about us as hosts, people, and partners!

Chastain (chass-ten)

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As a life and relationship coach for members of the Polyamory, BDSM, Chronic Pain, and LGBTQIA+ communities, Chastain focuses on helping others live authentically. She’s a mindfulness and tantra practitioner who likes to talk about sex, self care, and hurting people.

Matriarch of the Pod, keeper of calendars, planner of meals.

Chastain is married to Max, partners with Erik, and Hannah’s metamour.

Chastain’s Podcast Recommendations:

Max (maks)

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Max isn’t here to make friends.

Doer of stuff. Builder of things. Puller of pigtails. Friend to widows and orphans, though mostly to widows. Gleeful pedant. Raconteur. Booze enthusiast. Flirting is the means through which he communicates with the world.

Max is married to Chastain, partners with Hannah, and Erik’s metamour.

Max’s Podcast Recommendations:

Hannah (hann-uh)

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Hannah is a late-blooming queerdo, still code-switching in fluent fundigelical.

Her past lives include being a nanny, a starving art student, and a software trainer to the elderly.

Teach her something new and she’ll be your best friend. She’s the nice one.

Hannah is partners with Max, metamour to Chastain, and friend to Erik.

Hannah’s Podcast Recommendations:

Erik (air-ik)

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Erik smokes and he knows things… but probably not the same things you know. He is generally culturally unaware. There are many things he has forgotten. He also makes stuff and is 420 friendly.

Cycling. Wood. Meat. These are what little Eriks are made of.

Erik is partners with Chastain, metamour to Max, and friend to Hannah.

Erik’s Podcast Recommendations:

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