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Media Representation

Hi there, it’s Chastain from the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast. This week we’re talking about representation in the media, how important it is for people in non monogamous relationships who are curious about non monogamous relationships, open relationships, polyamory, swinging, and BDSM, and kink to see that represented in the media in a realistic way, so that it’s accessible to them, and it helps them explain it to other people. So we have a great conversation about that. And we give some examples of recent media and the media that helps shape our relationships. And our lifestyle.

Also marks a point in time at which it gains enough public consciousness that it begins to creep into wider media streams for normalization. Yeah, I think I think that

the first representations that we started to see were like the series Big Love, which we’re about polygamy and specifically about fundamentalist Mormon based polygamy Which all the poly and people we know even those that practice multiple marriages, like kind of shy away from that word because of the kind of horrific history that it has with

Yeah. And thinking about that one of those Tamron Hall clips where she gave a definition of polyamory that was pretty limited. It really described like a closed triad. It seemed like that was put forward specifically to contrast that.

So check that out this week. You can visit podpodcvltcast.com, that’s cVlt with a V and check out show notes, access our new episode, and also our new community podpodcvltcast.com. We hope you’ll enjoy the show. Have a great week.

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