#30 The Swiping Game (Dating Appstravaganza!)

Dating app reviews from polyamorous and kinky people


What’s the best mainstream dating app for non-monogamous / polyamorous people? Tinder? OKCupid? Bumble? Where can swingers hook-up? Where can you find a couple to fulfill your throuple dreams? We review the apps we’ve used, and check out a newer app called Feeld. Hannah’s never used a swiping app, so the Pod helps her create the perfect profile.

Dating profile tips and tricks, Chastain’s list of dating profile “don’ts”, and a some bonus sex work hacks! Content Warning: We’re kind, not nice.

PS. Check out Chastain’s interview on the Neurotic Nourishment podcast where she talks openly about abuse, sex addiction, being a retired dominatrix, and FOSTA SESTA.

Meanwhile, the world is a literal tire fire, so…

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Here are some terms and phrases we use in this podcast and links to articles we find informative. If we say something unfamiliar to you, please drop us a line on Twitter @podpodcvltcast FB /podpodcvltcast or email: thepod@podpodcvltcast.com Check out episode #1, #2, #3, #4,or #5 for some basic polyamory and kink terms. Or check out our glossary episodes #24 & #25

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