New Season Coming January 7, 2020

Howdy Shipmates!

We started the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast, a podcast about polyamory and kink, for ourselves… four polyam, kinky and kink-adjacent people who love podcasts. Surprisingly, other people started listening. Now we’re back for our second season!

We’re all set for the new season of the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast! Our first season was an action-packed polyamventure of unusual size! The Pod is back, and Max, Chastain, Erik, and Hannah are ready to grow with you as we share our journeys through life, love, learning, and libido.

If you’re new to the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast, check out our first four episodes to meet the hosts. You don’t have to listen to the episodes in any particular order, but we do hope you’ll SUBSCRIBE!

If you’re a die-hard Pod Pod Cvlt Cast fan, become a Patron! Our Patrons get exclusive episodes, access, messages, and updates!

Happy New Year!

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Pod Pod Cvlt Cast

PodPodCvltCastCover podcast about polyamory/kink life, love, learning and libido