#16 The Sad Story of Katie Hill

Pod Pod Cvlt Cast hosts discuss the Katie Hill congress resignation, revenge porn, double-standards, football, why polyamorous people are ugly, and authenticity on episode 16: The Sad Story of Katie Hill


Episode #16 (wow, really!?) of the Pod Pod Cvlt Cast tells the sad tale of former Representative Katherine (Katie) Lauren Hill who resigned from congress after an affair was exposed, revenge porn was released, and some accusations were made and denied. We lament her plight and discuss her situation, because, you know, we’re totally political experts.

We also discuss some people who have asked why polyamorous people are so damned ugly. This episode contains frank discussion of old, white, conservative politicians having affairs and no one seeming to care; football (what it is and where are they going?), and we threw in some home school stuff for good measure. Enjoy.

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Here are some terms and phrases we use in this podcast and links to articles we find informative. If we say something unfamiliar to you, please drop us a line on Twitter @podpodcvltcast FB /podpodcvltcast or email: thepod@podpodcvltcast.com Check out episode #1, #2, #3, #4,or #5 for some basic polyamory and kink terms.

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