#8 Be Kind to Yourself (Self Care Part 1) & #9 Be Kind to Yourself (Self Care Part 2)

Pod Pod Cvlt Cast Episode #8 & #9 Be Kind To Yourself talking about Self Care!


The Pod shares some life stuff, then tackles self care- answering two questions from our Patron, Jenny:

  1. “How do you manage self care with so many people around?”
  2. “How do you nurture your relationships with metamours, partners, friends, etc?”

In this two part release, they work through a Self Care Assessment , examining their physical, emotional/psychological, spiritual, and professional self care activities. Learn the differences between proactive self care and reactive coping; and explore mindfulness, meditation, and creativity with the Pod!

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Terms of Note

Here are some terms and phrases we use in this podcast and links to articles we find informative. If we say something unfamiliar to you, please drop us a line on Twitter @podpodcvltcast FB /podpodcvltcast or email: thepod@podpodcvltcast.com

Part One

Part Two

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